About Central Charter School

  • Brief History of Central Charter School

    Central Charter School was the second charter school to be opened in Broward County. Dr. Rosa Lawson, founder and CEO saw an opportunity to start a school to address the academic and social needs for at risk students in the Lauderdale Lakes and surrounding cities. As a result, Central Charter School opened its doors in August 1997 and served approximately 159 students in grades K-2.

    The Mission was developed and stated that:

    Central Charter School provides an enriched innovative educational program

    focusing on reading, writing mathematics, and language arts for “at risk” students in the Broward County School District. The curriculum shall emphasize proper manners and behaviors in an environment that is positive and safe. It shall further emphasize high expectation for success of all students enrolled. Finally, it shall provide opportunities to enhance parenting skills for the parents of students enrolled at Central Charter School.”

    The school had its humble beginnings in a strip mall surrounded by other businesses and two churches. Central Charter School occupied two (bays) in the southernmost building (Buildings 1 and 2). The administration comprised Dr. Rosa Lawson and Mrs. Tracy Nessl the then principal. There were six (6) teachers, and six (6) classrooms.

    Surrounded by schools that were not doing very well academically, parents began seeking out an alternative to the traditional public school in hope of realizing success. The school was very successful in that we earned “A’s” consecutively for a number of years. This success quickly spread throughout the immediate and surrounding communities, and soon we were bombarded by parents trying desperately to get their students in. As a result, a waiting list was created.

    In 2011, the north building became available, and Kindergarten was moved to that building which made additional space available to grades one through six classrooms. There were more applicants than there was available space, and needless to say, all the spaces were taken in a very short while. Still there were many disappointed parents because there was no available place for their child/children.

    In May of 2013 Phyl’s Academy moved to another location and the building was acquired by Central Charter School. Seventh grade was added, and overall enrollment once again increased. Enrollment increased from approximately 800 to approximately 1,200 students. The instructional staff grew to 65 teachers.

    Today, Central Charter School has become an important organization in the community. It has served numerous students who have gone on to make their mark in society. Some are pursuing degrees in Medicine, Education, and Law, to name a few. Our successes have been attributed to the dedicated administration, faculty, and staff, who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that students get a well-rounded education. It is our hope to continue along the same path of excellence in education and continue to positively impact our local and global communities.


    Inspiring, challenging, and preparing our students for tomorrow’s global opportunities.


    To achieve our vision, we will prepare our students to become independent learners with the desires, the skills, and the abilities necessary for lifelong learning.

    Community Centered Academic Programming

    Central Charter School is an integral part of the surrounding community and has developed partnerships with community organizations, businesses and individuals to drive student success. The School integrates community partners in learning to enhance the services offered at the School. This connection drives academic achievement and youth development.

    Community of Character

    Our aim is to promote a community of character within the School to support the social and emotional growth of students, which will in turn promote the academic growth of students. Principles from research-based programs drive the development of a safe school and community environment in which students learn skills that support citizenship, both in and out of the classroom. Cooperation, empathy, responsibility, and self-management are just a few of the traits students will cultivate in the school environment that values the whole child. Students will be motivated to succeed through building lasting relationships and trust with those around them.

    Core Beliefs

    • Students should be in a safe, caring, and positive school environment to learn.
    • In setting high academic and social expectations for all stakeholders.
    • In providing opportunities for success, learning, and leadership for all stakeholders.
    • In differentiating instruction for all learners.
    • Instruction should be data-driven, standards-based, individualized, and student-centered.
    • In fun, innovative, and meaningful teaching approaches that produce a life-long passion for learning.
    • In hands-on, project-based, and multi-media instructional delivery methods.
    • That students should learn to think critically, to problem-solve, and to understand and embrace diversity so that they contribute, both locally and globally, to an ever-changing society.
    • That parent and community involvement are essential and directly correlate to each child’s academic success.
    • That all stakeholders share in the responsibility and accountability for student development.

    School Administration

    Eric Marshall, Superintendent
    Tonya Dix, Principal (K-3)
    Jill Dorsett, Principal (4-7)
    Kimberly Billingsley, Assistant Principal

    Central Charter School Parent Liaison:
    Ms. Ingra Griffin
    4675 N State Road 7
    Lauderdale Lakes, FL 33319
    954.735.6295 ext. 2100


  • Directions to Central Charter School

    Mailing Address:
    Central Charter School
    4515 North State Road 7
    Lauderdale Lakes, FL 33319




    School Hours:
    School Hours: 8:00am – 3:30pm
    Breakfast: 7:25am – 7:55am
    Before School Program: 6:30am – 8:00am
    After School Program: 3:30pm – 6:30pm